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Where were they then – Richie Sexson

If you were compiling a list of players better at fantasy baseball than real baseball, Richmond Lockwood Sexson (I feel like there should be a ‘III’ behind that) would probably be at or near the top of said list.  Despite … Continue reading

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Texas Rangers, Beltre Looking Forward To A Big 2016

Adrian Beltre turned his only year in Boston into a retirement plan rivaling even the best Roth IRA. Signing a deal worth $96 million over 6 years, Beltre seems to be set monetarily for the rest of his career. But … Continue reading

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Boone And PEDY Bear – 04/08/01

After an inauspicious start to the 2001 season, someone decided to flip the power switch on Bret Boone’s season. Or squeeze the needle plunger. Whichever way you like to look at it. Here is Boone’s first correspondence following his first … Continue reading

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Boone And PEDY Bear – 04/07/01

The 2001 season has just begun and Bret Boone has just returned home from the Mariners’ opening series in Oakland: Heyyyy there, PEDY Bear. Wutz ^ with u? I’m just sitting here in the clubhouse after the game. Buhner said … Continue reading

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Jugador de la Semana – Mac Suzuki

With a name made for Nintendo, Japanese native Mac Suzuki made his major league debut in 1996 for the (surprise, surprise) Seattle Mariners.  While Japanese players coming to the majors/Mariners is nothing new, the way Suzuki did it is. After … Continue reading

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Ichiro possesses Pokemon like powers

Remember when all those kids had seizures from watching the Japanese cartoon Pokemon?  Apparently an elbow to the face and a caress on the thigh from Ichiro has the same effect.  As if the last place Mariners needed another reason … Continue reading

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