The Series For The World

What’s not to like about this year’s World Series? Obviously if your team isn’t playing you’d prefer they were, but other than that fact this fall classic should lead to enjoyable viewing. The antlers/whatever business is the dumbest thing since the rally monkey. Who cares though? Both teams are fun to watch and have players who are real characters. Neither team is from a large east coast market (suck on that Randy Booth!) and feature two players giving hope to all the fat people out there; Bengie Molina and Pablo Sandoval. I bet Kevin Costner can’t wait until he gets to play Josh Hamilton in a movie:

The Been – Unlike the Fox Network, I am actually looking forward to this World Series.  Fresh blood, exciting teams, elite pitchers. . . . what else could you want in a series, besides pinstripes?  Despite having a rather uninspiring lineup, the Giants seemed to have figured out the lost art of clutch hitting (Jetermetrics!) and we all know about their stingy pitching, led by the freak and a ninja (See Brian Wilson vid below).  Great pitching and clutch hitting you say?  Sounds like the Giants can’t be beat, until you consider that the Rangers have Cliff Lee, Josh Hamilton, an owner that looks like he could still get major league hitters out, and a boatload of human interest stories (the latter two having nothing to do with the games).  In all seriousness, when breaking down the four main aspects of the game:  pitching, hitting, defense, and baserunning, I would say that the Rangers have the advantage in all but pitching, but aren’t as far behind in that as the Giants are in the other three.  Plus it just seems like the Rangers have destiny on their side, giving them the advantage in the coveted intangible category.  It should be an exciting series, but I think it’s time to put the ginger ale on ice:  Rangers 4-3

The Stew – The Giants and Rangers appear to be rolling into the World Series with the same amount of momentum. The Rangers outplayed the Yankees for almost the entire ALCS and the Giants just beat a team that has Roy Halladay. So the 2010 Series shouldn’t go the way of the 2004 Series in which the St. Louis Cardinals had no chance against a hard charging Red Sox squad off the heels of history. Now THAT’S a team of destiny, Been. But even though I’m not predicting a sweep, I don’t see this one going past 5 games. Big Time Timmy Jim is quite the pitcher. I’d say him and Cliff Lee are a wash, maybe with a slight edge for the Rangers. Get past the two headliners though and I think Texas has a clearer advantage. Don’t take this as a ringing endorsement for Tommy Hunter and Colby Lewis, but Jonathan Sanchez’s dark side (BBs) is beginning to peak out its little head. Who knows what to expect from rookie Madison Bumgarner on baseball’s biggest stage. The pitching is pretty comparable but the offenses are not. The Texas lineup is balanced, speedy and powerful. The Giants’ top clutch hitter, Bengie Molina, now plays for the Rangers. Grab a Josh Hamilton style O’Douls, a Red Baron pizza and enjoy a World Series that is void of the Yankees or Red Sox: Rangers 4-1

The Been’s MVP – Cliff Lee

The Stew’s MVP – Nelson Cruz


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