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Carl Crawford To The Royals? Why Not?

Here’s a pretty in-depth look into what a team may be getting into if they choose to sign Carl Crawford to a long-term deal. The article is written from the standpoint of the Kansas City Royals but offers up a … Continue reading

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A picture is Werth 126 million words

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Where were they then – John Patterson – 2005

Long before Stephen Strasburg and Barack Obama were around to spread false hope in our nation’s capital, the people of Washington DC had John Patterson to let them down.  After spending many years as a top prospect in the minors, … Continue reading

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Pot, meet kettle

By now you’ve probably already heard that super prospect, Bryce Harper, has agreed to a deal with the Nationals worth almost $10 million.  But, it wasn’t before the Nationals’ last super prospect had some pretty pointed words for the 17 … Continue reading

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Keep An Eye Out For…Chuck James?

No, it’s not a typo. Chuck James could be dangerously close to becoming relevant again. Here’s a little background on the current state of things: James coasted through the Atlanta Braves system, never posting an full season ERA over 3.00 … Continue reading

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